Project Description

Distillers since 1951

Established in the early 1950s as a small family-owned artisanal business, Distillerie Valdoglio transformed itself into a fully-fledged industrial company over the course of a decade. Since its inception, Distillerie Valdoglio has been part of the large-scale distribution market, and with its production location and management flexibility that distinguish it, it is today the ideal partner among producers of alcoholic beverages. The fully automated production lines can produce up to 18,000,000 bottles, taking advantage of the best technologies that the market offers. The organizational flexibility of the company allows for a wide range of products and formats, always maintaining a focus on quality, and the ability to customize products upon request from customers. The pure distillates, such as grappa, brandy, and alcohol, are complemented by a wide range of liqueurs, ranging from traditional amari, fernet, sambuca, alchermes, maraschino, anise, licorice, and more, up to the recent fruit vodkas, whiskey creams, lemon creams, strawberry creams, fruit syrups, limoncino, which are now known all over the world and are a source of pride for the Italian liqueur tradition. We are also exclusive importers of scotch whiskey, white rum and dark rum, gin, tequila, port wine, cognac, armagnac, and calvados from their countries of origin.