Project Description

Hop masters

Like any great adventure, ours also began with a journey. Angelo Poretti travelled to Austria, Bohemia, and Bavaria where he met the best Master Brewers and discovered all the secrets of making good beer. Upon his return to Italy, Angelo Poretti fulfilled his lifelong dream. In 1877, he opened his brewery in Valganna, a precious land known for its sources of pure water, an essential ingredient for making quality beer. For over 144 years, Valganna has been the heart of our brewery, which today beats all over the world. Just as Angelo Poretti once travelled to Vienna in search of the best wooden barrels, today we use Draught Master technology, an innovative tapping system that uses recyclable PET kegs without CO2 addition, respecting the environment and human health. We remain faithful to tradition while continuously innovating. In 1881, Angelo Poretti achieved his first major success when he was called to participate in the National Exhibition in Milan. Today, over a century later, our brewery was selected as the official beer of the Italian Pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015, a definitive recognition of our true Italian quality beer.

Angelo Poretti