W.B.C. International

W.B.C. International was born in 2012 and has conquered an exclusive position in the landscape of international trade thanks to the twenty-year experience in the field of export food and non-food products. Our interesting customer portfolio allowed us to start a consultancy activity on behalf of our customers. Present in the new and/or emerging market, our customers export the best “Made in Italy” products.

W.B.C. International started its activity with a portfolio of customers manly located in the North of Africa. Then, the journey in search of best Italian products arrived in Europe, Asia (Kazakhstan, Russia, Japan), North America, Australia and South America.

For W.B.C. International it is extremely important to start new business, both with suppliers expert and skilled in the field of export, and for the acquisition of potential customers.

In fact, the growth of our brand was possible thanks to the collaboration with new suppliers, whose main task is the growth of their sales.

The loyalty of customers and the continuous scouting operations made the research of new importers and/or distributors possible. This leads to the full realization of the company mission of W.B.C. International. Our consultancy company proposes itself like perfect Partner for foreign importers interested in the sales of Italian products. Our daily commitment praises a collaboration with over 35 Italian companies. Our daily research aims to new Italian products satisfying the requests of our customers, looking for new opportunities, to promote on the market.

The quality of our services is guaranteed through social promotions, participation to international exhibitions and events and the choice of the best suppliers. We also guarantee the best quality-price ratio. Our activity addresses to importers, wholesalers and distributors of Italian food and non-food products. The main goals is to increase their activity and give them the chance to find new products to satisfy the requests of the customers. For export operations, W.B.C. International analyzes the information related to the documents for international shippings and label’s details. The customer, importer of Italian food and non-food products abroad, relies on the professionalism of W.B.C. International, able to offer a wide range of products and suppliers.

W.B.C. International commits to reply to the different needs of the customers, supplying a unique qualified referente for the Italian market. Our mission is to bring the “Made in Italy” all over the world.