Project Description

Innovation & Green

Stefanplast was established in 1964 and currently employs a workforce of 190. It is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of plastic articles for domestic and gardening sectors. Recently, Stefanplast introduced the Peter Pet range of items for household pets. The company was founded by Antonio Stefani, who, in the early 1960s, recognized the tremendous potential of plastic for making objects of daily use. With a fifty-year history behind it, Stefanplast has accumulated comprehensive knowledge of the remarkable material it uses – plastic. Throughout the years, the company has maintained a commitment to continuous renovation and a tenacious ability to look ahead to the future. Stefanplast consistently imagines and invents new shapes and different products while interpreting and preempting the needs of its customers. In terms of ideas and innovation, Stefanplast has always been a symbol of contemporary styling.