Project Description

Tags of love

This is the story of an idea that forever changed the concept of ID tags. It all started in 2010 in Valenza, a city with a tradition in goldsmithing, with a new perspective: transforming pet ID tags into a design product capable of evoking emotions. MyFamily was founded to pursue the idea of giving a soul to metal ID tags, emphasizing their importance in helping quickly identify and assist lost cats and dogs. Based on this intuition, the company grew rapidly, offering hundreds of never-before-seen ID tags that are hand-enameled and perfect in every detail. MyFamily has also made it possible to customize each ID tag quickly and directly at the point of sale. The product range continues to expand each year with new collections, and it doesn’t just include ID tags. Today, MyFamily also produces collars, leashes, and products for pet owners, such as fantastic leatherette keyrings, meticulously finished in every detail.