Project Description

The Sicilian taste in a teaspoon

The Gelateria Artigianale di Sicilia Sigel was founded in 1972 in Marsala by Onofrio D’Amico, forefather of a generation of ice cream makers and artisans of ice cream. The small laboratory, originally placed in the center of Marsala town, immediately knew a rapid growth, thanks to the quality of artisanal production. What initially was characterized as a reality almost exclusively family-owned, gradually became a well-established and well-known company throughout Sicily. The history of Sigel is a story of Italian entrepreneurial and artisan excellence: since the eighties the growth phase has accompanied the change in consumption and tastes of the market. In the Nineties, Sigel’s has opened a new plant, located in the industrial area of Marsala, where produces icecreams according to the most innovative procusses and machineries. Today the Sicilian Artisan Gelateria Sigel distributes its products all over Italy and it is ready to start new commercial challenges in foreign markets.