Project Description

Martino: the story of the golden fields of Molise

If Martino were an image, it could be summed up by the immense golden fields of Molise, where ears of corn sway as far as the eye can see, caressed by the wind. This mix of colors and scents was brought to life by Donato Martino’s ingenuity, who, in 1870, with a simple and brilliant intuition, personalized the water mills and made the milling activity available to his son Andrea. Andrea Martino embraced his father’s idea and founded the first pasta factory of the Martino family in 1904, thus beginning a century-long history that still continues today. Andrea Martino was the first of four generations to succeed each other at the helm of the company, which has now become a model, a successful example of Made in Italy, capable of successfully facing the challenges of modernity by drawing from its tradition.