Project Description

From the Italian Alps the true taste of milk

A long history of love for the territory and passion of its inhabitants, which has become a participatory chain, in the name of quality. Inalpi was founded in 1966, and its path and evolution are closely linked to the Invernizzi and Barattero families, who over the years have been able to transform the family business into an industry without losing sight of the ethical and human values that have guided the founders. Artisanal experience and industrial efficiency together, in harmony, to make great dairy products accessible to all, enhancing professionalism and territory. The supply chain is a shared path towards a great ultimate goal: quality and safety. Inalpi’s Moretta headquarters and Peveragno plant are located in Piemonte, in the Cozie Alps region. The INALPI chain is transparent and safe, participatory, and aims to guarantee the product’s origin, quality, freshness, growth, and control of the breeding system. Inalpi Spa began the Protocol of Supply Chain in Piemonte in 2010, which establishes production standards. The remuneration of milk is not the result of economic negotiations but is obtained through a precise mathematical algorithm developed by the Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Piacenza. Fair, good, safe.