Project Description

First of all, raw material

The story of the Fiasconaro family began in the 1950s in Castelbuono, a small town in the Madonie Park in Sicily, and it still remains there. This is because the brothers Fausto, Martino, and Nicola have chosen to keep the legal, production, and administrative headquarters – the mind and heart – of this exciting adventure of Sicilian haute patisserie in Castelbuono. The story was written by their father, Mario Fiasconaro, who started from a small ice cream parlor in the main square of the town and built over time a thriving business in the pastry and catering field. The three brothers Fausto, Martino, and Nicola, who were little more than children, lent a hand in their free time and began to learn the trade. In the 1990s, with the generational turnover and the sons taking the helm of the company, the qualitative leap was made that transformed the Fiasconaro brand into a well-known reality outside the borders of the island. The turning point came from an intuition of Nicola, a talented master pastry chef, who chose to interpret the most traditional dessert of Northern Italy, the Panettone, in a Mediterranean style: a great success that changed the destiny of the company, which has never stopped growing. But the company has remained true to itself.