Project Description

Bonoil oil quality guaranteed

BONOIL SEEDS is a family-owned and operated company committed to the production and distribution of sunflower kernels in the global market. The company was founded in 2012 as an agricultural trading company, and over the years, it has focused on producing, processing, and exporting sunflower kernels, making it one of the leading producers in the international market. BONOIL SEEDS exports to over 20 countries worldwide and is based in South-Eastern Bulgaria. The factory is equipped with modern machinery covering all stages of sunflower kernel production. BONOIL SEEDS is a manufacturer of high-quality sunflower kernels that are in demand on the international market. The company uses high-quality sunflower seeds grown in eco-friendly areas in the South-Eastern Bulgarian region for production. It is a reliable long-term partner of local farmers and agricultural producers. Our seeds are known for their exceptional quality and taste.