Project Description

Good food is meant to be shared

Food requires respect, precision, and culture because “we are what we eat”. This is the philosophy with which Paolo Scapin founded Nova Funghi in 1980, creating a vast range of delicacies and a plethora of dedicated production lines. During the processing cycle, the mushrooms are cooked with a special process, unique to Nova Funghi. Our secret? Double-stage steam cooking, which means the mushrooms are steam-cooked in two stages in a process that immediately lowers the temperature, thus optimizing the mushroom’s cooking without stressing the product and preserving all its properties. This also helps preserve the mushroom’s fragrance and prevents them from oxidizing. Once the cooking stage is over, the mushrooms are gently sliced by an H20 cutting machine. The product is not subjected to any additional stress and is then seasoned and transferred to the various packaging departments. At the end of the processing cycle, the mushrooms are sterilized. This operation guarantees a 36-month shelf-life and ensures that the mushrooms retain all their organoleptic characteristics. Our production process is well-organized and can guarantee that raw materials are processed as soon as they arrive at the company. This ensures that when the fresh mushrooms arrive a few hours after being picked, they are processed immediately, and their genuine and crisp taste is preserved intact.