Project Description

Our future has ancient roots

Since 1957, we have been nurturing dreams to preserve and bring to the table. We select the best quality tomatoes from the fields, and we process them using the same techniques that our grandparents used – with the help of the best technologies that have been passed down to us: our sense of smell, touch, and heart. Each jar of tomato is like a treasure chest that holds the essence of its land, the story of the wind, the magic of water, and the warmth of the sun. After sixty years, the first 100 cans of preserves, which were the fruit of the work of a scalder and the ancient skill of the women who peeled the tomatoes, have become 100,000 quintals per year, while still retaining the identity of a company that was born next to a fountain, the source of life. Our concept of a company is about entering people’s homes, sitting at the table with them, and breathing in the same aromas that still roam the streets or waft from one kitchen to another in the neighborhood, savoring the same tastes as before. This is our vision of a real and authentic family business.