Project Description

Here, where it all comes back

Caviro was founded in 1966 in Faenza, which is located in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, a region with a rich winemaking tradition, to enhance its members’ grapes. Today, 50 years after its founding, the group exports its products to over 80 countries, and Caviro Sca is the largest winery in Italy, as well as the leading wine producer in the country. In addition, the group’s subsidiary, Caviro Extra Spa, is engaged in the recovery of by-products derived from the wine and agri-food chain, which are transformed into biomethane and other valuable products for the food, pharmaceutical, and agriculture industries. In the market, the group is a leader in alcohol production in Italy and a world co-leader in natural tartaric acid production. Furthermore, through its partnership with Enomondo, the group is able to transform waste products into renewable energy sources. Every day, the group works to preserve natural resources by recycling and regenerating products and materials, thereby reducing the use of raw materials and energy at the source. This approach allows us to meet the needs of today’s generations without compromising the opportunities available to future generations. Our model is more than just a virtuous cycle; it is a testament to the unity of the present and the future.